Saturday, January 16, 2016

Double Whitening, or Another Go at It

Around this time last year I had zero PSP Go systems. Now I've got two of them. Funny how things work out.

Before you stage an intervention, I can explain! I found a second Go at a pawn shop for a ridiculously low price. How does fifteen dollars grab you? It sure as hell grabbed me... frankly, I've spent more on those silly Tiger handhelds from the 1980s. You know, the ones that play a single game, and not particularly well. 

Absolutely real. Sometimes the truth
is stranger (and tackier) than fiction.
(image from Handheld Empire)
So I threw down my debit card faster than Yugi can drop an Exodius while on the brink of defeat, and took the system home to join its brother on my cluttered bedroom shelf. Granted, I didn't need another PSP Go, especially another white one, but that price was impossible to resist. Maybe one of my friends could use it. Maybe I could use it as an extravagant belt buckle. I dunno.

Beyond that, not too much has been happening. How's by you?


  1. Color me jealous.
    I have a non-functional PSP-Go. I have no idea what is wrong with it, just doesn't charge or turn on.
    But then, I bought with a group of other "as-is" roughed up PSP's, which do work (well, they charge and read off memory cards, which is all you really need these days.
    And in practice, I really would rather use adapters than shell out for another Vita memory card.
    ...still envious though...

  2. Damn, Jess! Leave a few of these cheaper-than-cheap PSP Go systems for the rest of us, will you? ;) Seriously, though, good on you! I don't think the Go is for me, but I sure am glad it exists!

    1. Well, if it makes you feel better, this one's going to a friend, possibly at cost. I'm trying to expand her gaming scope in the same way I did for you last year... I want to prove to her that there's life beyond Nintendo.

      BTW, since I haven't asked for a while... you're not letting any dust collect on your purple PSP, are you?