Friday, July 28, 2017

Not Worth a Plug 'n Play Nickel

I heard Wal-Mart opened pre-orders for the Classic Super NES that's scheduled for release in September. I also heard Wal-Mart cancelled those pre-orders, claiming that a bug in their system made them available sooner than they planned. Nintendo fans with bitter memories of last year's Classic NES debacle are fuming, but I'm neither surprised nor upset by the news. I expected Nintendo to put players who wanted this system through the ringer, which is why I wasn't interested in buying one. I'm old enough to remember the fad toys of the past, and the manipulation companies use to make customers break down store doors and trample each other to get them. Soon enough, that excitement fades, and all that remains is the regret. No sale.

Speaking of plug and play consoles and predictable outcomes, AtGames released yet another Sega Genesis, which has been received with all the warm enthusiasm of a Christmas fruitcake. Really Sega, isn't it time you took the license away from them? After eight years of failure, I'm pretty sure AtGames is never going to get it right. Wile E. Coyote's got a better track record.

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  1. Yeah, after the debacle (to put it lightly) that was the Classic NES, I have no interest in or intention of buying a Classic SNES. I'll just continue playing NES and SNES games as I have for ages--playing the real deal, playing the versions I've bought via Wii and 3DS Virtual Console, and playing ROMs via emulation.