Thursday, December 31, 2015

Eve of Destruction

FOR SALE: One CX-919 II Android stick, crushed into a fine powder. Can be used as grit for icy sidewalks, or rooted by mixing it into the potting soil of your favorite plant. Inquire within.

Let that be a lesson to everyone who wants a cheap, flexible way to play all their favorite video games from the past century... the CX-crement 919 II is not the way to do it. It's got no support from the official manufacturer and it accepts no firmware but the underperforming default. Believe me, I've thrown everything but the kitchen sink at it, before pounding it into dust WITH a kitchen sink. Maybe there's a suitable Android device for retro gaming, but you'd be wise to pick up something backed by a leading tech company, rather than the Chinese fly-by-night that made this.

Anyway. I'm leaving this miserable (torture) device in the past, and looking hopefully toward the future. After all, a new year is on the horizon, and I might as well make the most of it! Right now, I've got my eyes on one of these fun little toys...

It's the Cambio by RCA, a tablet that runs an honest to goodness version of Windows rather than RT, Microsoft's weaksauce mobile operating system. This means that, at least in theory, I could play all my favorite emulators on the go and even sketch in Paint Tool SAI using my Wacom tablet. The specs... aren't terrific (2GB of RAM? For Windows 10?), but I'm nevertheless tempted by that price. After all, it couldn't possibly be any worse than the CX-919!

(Shut up, you idiot! That's what you said about the Playstation TV when you bought the damned CX-919 in the first place!)

Er, knock on wood.

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