Friday, October 2, 2015

Go Home, ET, You're Drunk

So, it's officially Oktober-Fist here at Kiblitzing. But according to Chic Pixel, it's also Kuso-game Month, when the industry's worst products get their chance to shine... or just stink up the place. How do I combine the two?

image from Suscipe Domine, whatever that is
Yeah, that'll do it.

Seriously though, I'll be covering fighting games and terrible games this month, sometimes in the same breath. There were so many cheesy Street Fighter clones in the 1990s that even thirty one days of straight blogging won't be enough time to cover them all.

But you know what else is terrible? Having to bend myself into contortions to play the entire library of Vita and PSP games on my Playstation TV. Get this... I had to adjust settings on my router to keep Sony from sneaking whitelist revisions into my system without my knowledge or consent. Beyond that, I have to use a proxy to dodge mandatory system updates while downloading games from the PSN store. This isn't the kind of "challenge" I want from my gaming experience, Sony! How 'bout you take the boot off my throat and just let me play what I've legally purchased?

Also, Jeb Bush is terrible. But that's hardly news.

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