Friday, September 25, 2015

I Want It All, and I Want It Now: The PSTV Whitelist Hack

Now dig this! There's a hack for the Playstation TV that allows you to play blocked games for not only the Vita, but the PSP and PSOne as well. You'll find more information about this on the NeoGAF forum

Ready for round two?
To pull this off, you'll need a Gmail account, a copy of the Thunderbird Email client, and a couple of exploit files. After sending the exploit files to yourself, you open each attachment with your Playstation TV, immediately exiting with the Home button after you're given an error message. This exploit was originally designed for Vita games, but was recently expanded to include the handful of PSP and PSOne titles that wouldn't work on Sony's micro-console. (ED: That was the work of Dunkley from the NeoGAF forums, by the way.)

I've personally tested the PSP release Sega Genesis Collection and was delighted by the results... both Sega Genesis games and arcade oldies like Astro Blaster play just the way they had on the PSP, without any glitches or performance issuesOther Playstation TV owners report that Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, two games that originally refused to play nice with the PSTV hardware, run perfectly after the exploit.

This hack works pretty well, at least for the moment. However, you're advised to switch the wi-fi off on your Playstation TV and keep the memory card inside, as future firmware updates will most likely break the exploit. Purchasing games on the Playstation Store is also reported to refresh the system's white list, forcing you to repeat the hack. Get everything you want for your PSTV now, then shut off the wi-fi antenna after you run the hack so you can keep it.

Special thanks to Tiny Cartridge and NeoGAF for the news.

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