Friday, May 29, 2015

Tiger... Uppercut!

Geez, you don't have to be so literal about it.

Anyway, this is Kazumi Mishima, the latest character to be announced for Bandai-Namco's upcoming Tekken 7. Do you realize that the series is old enough now that she literally could have been born when it first started back in 1994? Anyway, Kazumi gets a strength boost from her striped sidekick, who briefly appears during certain attacks. Thanks to special Middle Eastern correspondent Badr Alomair for the scoop. (That title sounds a lot more important than "Guy from Riyadh who I watch on Twitter," doesn't it?)

Sorry for the lack of updates, by the way. I've been thinking about making some Game Boy Advance posts, but right now, I'm too busy trying not to melt into a puddle of nerd goo. Curse this Arizona heat!

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