Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Channel F Outtakes

We asked these ordinary folks
what they thought of the Fairchild
Channel F, sure to be the hottest
Christmas gift of 1976!

It's the official home game
console of Mary Lou Retton!

Dig that woodgrain finish, baby!
These cats have got STYLE!

Oh crap, I left the house
wearing THIS?!

Hey man, I think those
threads are swingin', baby!

You DO?!

I can't believe I missed the audition
for that Norman Rockwell painting
for this.

Who made a mess on the carpet?!

Hey, don't look at me, man.

Yeah, sorry, that was me.

Mom said if I don't get braces,
I'll look like this...

It'd be an improvement.

My mom said if I kept making this
face, it would stay that way.
She was RIGHT!

Hey, there's Tab in the
green room, right?

Or a nice sturdy oak log
to gnaw on between takes...
Look, could you people talk
about the system for a minute?

I like the cartridges, but I
wish this thing could show
more than eight colors.

Funny, I didn't notice that...

Wait, this is a video game? I
thought this was a Chanel ad...

I don't even know why I'm here...

The voices tell me to kill
Nolan Bushnell...

Oh lord. Just... take your paycheck
at the front desk and go.

Goodbye, dental plan!

Lisa needs braces!

Get lost already!!

(Images taken from Reddit and various other online sources.)

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