Friday, January 2, 2015

The Birthday Post

I just wanted to jot something down for this, the 41st anniversary of my birth. It only comes once a lifetime, y'know! 

First, I wanna thank everyone who's been reading this blog, especially Bryan "The Gay Gamer" Ochalla, who's offered a great deal of encouragement and engaging conversation over the past year. It's beefed up this blog's output considerably... in past years, I would update it once every couple of months, but now I post once, even twice a week. For the first time since shuttering The Gameroom Blitz back in 2011, I enjoy writing about video games, and all of you deserve credit for helping make that happen. 

Next, that 3DS XL is going a long way toward resurrecting my interest in Nintendo. Turns out that their games are a lot more fun when you can actually see them without the aid of an electron microscope. Miiverse is also profoundly more rewarding now that I have a more generous canvas for my scribbles. It will hopefully help me get back into drawing, which I haven't done in any significant capacity for months. 2014 has been a great year for left brain pursuits like this blog, but my artistic muse has been strangely elusive. Hopefully I won't be so reluctant to pick up a pen in 2015.

Finally, do you remember that article I'd written about the Terra Cresta series a few months ago? Hardcore Gaming 101 asked me to expand upon it for an exclusive feature that was published on the site yesterday. If you like shooters or just obscure gaming history, I suggest you give it a look. Thanks to Kurt Kalada for making it all possible, by the way. 

Okay, I think that'll do it for now. Save a slice of cake for me, would 'ya? 

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  1. Hello again, and happy belated birthday! I can't believe I failed to say so yesterday :|

    Also, thanks for the shout-out here. I'm glad to hear you've enjoyed our conversations over the last year or so as much as I have :)

    Finally, congrats on the HG101 post! I saw it mentioned on Twitter the other day and actually wondered if you had something to do with it. Anyway, I'll give it a look in a bit, for sure.