Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bad News, Nobody!

This has not been a terrific week, folks. First I learn that a close relative's ex is human sewage (I'm not at liberty to discuss it in detail, but oh lord), and then this news comes to light:

Joystiq, probably the best (and certainly the least sensationalist and pandering) of the video game blogs, is being closed by AOL after a decade of publication. Remember when it was just America On-Line users who were brain-dead schlubs? Yeah, those were the days. 

Two of my favorite writers from the site, JC Fletcher (wasn't that Angela Lansbury's character on Murder She Wrote...?) and Eric Caoili, will still be hard at work on their increasingly popular side site Tiny Cartridge, but it's anyone's guess what will happen to Joystiq's other editors. Here's hoping they find a soft spot to land after they eject from the flaming wreckage. 

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  1. Oh! I didn't realize that Eric and JC still worked there. That's too bad :( I kind of doubt they make enough via their TC Patreon to do that full time, so here's hoping they pick up new gigs soon...