Tuesday, March 13, 2018

High-Def Hijinx

Well, that's it. The deed is done, the die is cast, the fat lady has arrived with spear in hand to sing the final note. After making sure the system actually worked, I bought an SCART cable and converter for my Sega Genesis. Here's the little black box that's supposed to sharpen up the system's notoriously blurry visuals...
Ci-Best, huh? I'll be the judge of that!
(image from Amazon)
It's not an OSCC or a Framemeister, but the reviews on Amazon suggest that it's more than adequate for the price. The only problem is that it needs its own power source, and with several systems and a television already connected to it, my power strip is getting pretty crowded as it is!

Oh yeah, the other only problem is that the SCART cable hasn't arrived yet... last I checked, it was stranded in Boise or something. Hopefully that'll arrive sooner than later, as I'm eager to play all my Genesis games on a crisp high definition display. Wait, all of my Genesis games are in Michigan, aren't they? In that case, I'm eager to play the only Genesis game I've got on hand, which is... Ballz 3D. Er, maybe I'm not in that big of a rush.

Speaking of the Genesis, I've also got a Flashback HD coming in the mail from ShopGoodwill. Did I need it? Not really. Do the unflattering reviews of the system have me a little worried? Sure. Did I buy it because it was half the price it would have been in a store? Oh yes, absolutely! I'll let you know what I think of the Flashback HD once it arrives and I've spent some quality (...?) time with it.

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