Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Rise of the Machines

The robot revolution predicted in the Terminator films and Futurama has arrived. And I've become the target of its first assault on humanity.

First, I ordered a Mayflash adapter online, only to receive a baby stroller cover instead. Then, the spinner that I spent hours building craps out on me. Now, the second Mayflash adapter I ordered to replace the one I never received won't work. Evidently a kinked cable is to blame... I can force it to turn on by bending it in just the right place, but only briefly. A closer examination with a multimeter suggests that ALL the wires in the cable are shorted out, but if I attempt a repair, I obviously can't send it back to the eBay seller. If I DON'T attempt a repair, I'll have to spend five dollars to send it back, and I'll have to order another one, which will take another week to arrive and oh god I hate my life.

I recently ordered a trackball, but I've got an uncomfortable feeling that it's somehow going to spite me as well. Maybe the damned thing will leap out of the box and strangle me to death with its USB cable. That's the way this month has been going for me, and we're just two days into it.

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