Saturday, October 22, 2016

Kan't-ji (also some Switch crap)

I'm still trying to make a translation for the Game Gear version of Mappy. It's not going that well. HOWEVER! I did manage to find out what the game's adventure mode was called, after a frustrating hour of scribbling strokes into online dictionaries. Ready for it? Here it comes!

Wait wait, that's not it at all. (Funny, though!) Let's try this again:
Roughly translated to English, it's "Challenge of your Ancestors," or perhaps "Ancestral Challenge." If I were translating it, however, I'd probably call it Days of Mappys Past, because I like my localizations cheeky and slightly off-script.

(image from GoNintendo)
All right, enough of that. Nintendo finally revealed the NX, or as it's now known, the Switch. The brief promotional video was a confirmation of what everyone expected it to be, give or take a directional pad. Yep, the D-pad is history, removed from the two tiny Joy Cons that clip on the sides of the system. I suspect Gumpei Yokoi is shaking his fist from way up there in gaming legend heaven. I also suspect Namco-Bandai is considering a lawsuit for the very familiar name Nintendo chose for the modular controllers.

There's also an unpleasant rumor that the Switch screen will have no touch features whatsoever. Not only does this strike me as a step back from previous Nintendo systems (AND the Playstation 4, AND the Vita, AND practically every smart device on the market), it'll effectively make Miiverse useless for artists like myself. If this turns out to be true, I won't be making the Switch to Nintendo's new system any time soon. This is... kind of an important feature, guys! You can't just start an art-based social network with thousands of users, only to chuck it in the crapper a few years later! Give it a chance to grow, for cryin' out loud!

The other rumor is that Nintendo will continue to make handhelds, in spite of the Switch's extreme portability. This... is slightly mystifying to me, because I thought the system was supposed to merge the handheld and console markets. I'd humbly suggest squeezing a few more years out of the New 3DS and then deciding whether to launch a new handheld or putting all of your eggs in the Switch basket, but what do I know? (More than this guy, at least.)


  1. Hmmm, not sure which rumors you're reading, Jess, as the ones I'm reading suggest Switch *will* have a touch features. (Multi-touch features, in fact.) Those same rumors suggest those features will be somewhat de-emphsized, though, due to the fact that you won't be able to use the touch functions while the system is docked. (Or will you? Hmmmm....)

    As for the rumor about Switch being Nintendo's Wii U follow-up and something we haven't seen yet being the company's 3DS follow-up, I'm just as mystified as you are by that one. Like you said, I thought the whole point of Switch was to consolidate Nintendo's handheld and console businesses and allow the company to create games for a single system. As such, the only way I can see them releasing another, more portable system than Switch in the next couple years is if it's a smaller, cheaper version of Switch that plays the exact same games.

    1. Well, people were wondering because the three minutes of footage Nintendo showed had no touchscreen interaction. It worried me a little. Not as much as this election, but still.

      Thanks for chiming in, by the way. I'm taking a break from the blog for a little while, but will hopefully have something to say in the middle of the month. I'm just too anxious right now.

    2. Oh, I agree it was weird that Nintendo didn't show any touchscreen usage in the Switch unveiling video. I guess the explanation is that they didn't/don't want to confuse anyone. Also, I can't help but wonder if they want to distance Switch from the 3DS and especially the Wii U, which is completely understandable, IMO.

      As for taking a break from the blog for a while, I understand that, too. I nearly did the same a couple of months ago when a whole lot of shit hit the fan in my life (kind of, sort of), but I kept blogging because it made me feel better. Hopefully that'll be true for you in the future as well.