Tuesday, October 25, 2016

How to Win at Nintendo (then lose my respect)

You know, I don't often discuss politics here on this blog (although lord knows I've been tempted), but this warrants the intrusion. Remember Jeff Rovin, the guy who wrote all of those How to Win at Nintendo books at the exact moment the NES got popular? Turns out he's an extremely prolific writer, editing the sleazier tabloids from the 1990s, and he's somehow gotten himself involved in this increasingly ridiculous presidential election. Just look at this.

Rovin claims he was paid to keep quiet about Hillary Clinton's torrid affair with Vince Foster's ghost, or some stupid thing. Sean Hannity, the windiest of Fox News' blowhards, ate it up, because this is the last fragile strand Trump's supporters can cling to now that it's two weeks from the election and his chances of victory are in the toilet.

I really did appreciate Jeff Rovin's work as a teenager, because video game journalism was a rare commodity in the 1980s, and How to Win at Nintendo seemed more earnest than marketing focused magazines like Nintendo Power and GamePro. So it's a little disappointing to learn that he's been reduced to spreading rumors about the Clintons that even Fox News can't verify. Then again, I can't really blame Rovin for turning to the dark side. It's not like you can make much money writing about video games these days...

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