Monday, September 26, 2016

Video Killed the Bloggio Star

Well, the first presidential debate is over... and judging from the early reviews, so is Donald Trump. I don't get political too terribly often on this blog, but if you vote for this orange-tinged dope after all you've heard tonight, I will lose all respect for you and punch you.

Okay, enough of that! So I've been thinking of supplementing these blog posts with brief videos of games that are underrepresented on YouTube but have personal significance to me. There's just a few problems, though. I used to do this kind of thing ten years ago and found that it was a massive and often fruitless investment of time and effort. Secondly, YouTube tends to be kind of dickish about copyright infringement, to the point where even game footage can be flagged by the administrators. Thirdly... well, did I mention it's been nearly ten years since I've done this sort of thing? I have a fairly capable video editor in PowerDirector 14, and far better hardware than I did in 2007, but lordy lou, it's still kind of intimidating. There's a lot I want to do that I can't do, because PowerDirector can't handle it, and I don't have access to the software which can.

I don't know. If you actually want to listen to me yarble on about old video games, leave a comment saying so. I might do it despite my reservations, but only if there's sufficient interest. I throw enough of my work into a black pit as it is; there's no sense in wasting even more of my time on pointless crap.

One more thing. There's a Playstation emulator for hacked Vitas now. That sounds redundant as the Vita already has a built-in Playstation emulator, but it really isn't because it can play games you can't install on a Vita, or even buy in the Playstation Store. I tested Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha earlier today, and while it doesn't run at full speed with default settings, it's damn near perfect with just a little frame skipping.

An underrated title, that one. Not only does it play a strong game of Street Fighter even with the Playstation's primitive 3D hardware, it's got characters you won't find in the mainstream series, like Doctrine Dark. Sure, he looks like Ellen DeGeneres, but he's more vicious than the rest of the cast, planting timed explosives and catching foes by the throat with a strand of steel wire. We'll probably never see a Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat crossover, but D. Dark gives you a taste of what could have been, if Midway and Capcom had been silly enough to explore the concept.

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