Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Androids are Revolting!

Insert flushing noise.
(picture from LG)
...and I mean that in every possible sense of the term. I just lobotomized my LG Tribute last night while attempting to flash a custom ROM. Evidently that's a crime punishable by death, except it was my phone that received the sentence. Now it's languishing in my junk tech drawer alongside a dead hard drive, a MiniDisc player, and the Droid X it happened to replace.

I mean, it's not a huge deal. I purchased an LG Destiny from Wal-Mart when it was just twenty bucks, and it's actually got slightly better specs than the phone I just bricked. Nevertheless, I had plans for that Tribute, and it's galling that they were never fully realized. After this and the CX-919 fiasco from last December, I really, really should know better than to get too deep under the hood of an Android device. At least when you're hacking a game system, the experience is pretty consistent. Because there are so many different models, tinkering with an Android device is like a box of Palmer's chocolates... you never know what you're going to get, and you usually wish you hadn't bothered.

"Give me my story mode, balvan!"
(image from Polygon)
What else can I complain about...? Oh yeah, Street Fighter V just shipped, but without any single player options worth mentioning. There's no arcade mode, no versus CPU mode, and absolutely no fun for a hermit like myself who doesn't like to compete online. It's possible that Capcom will address these omissions later with patches, but if it's all the same to them, I'll just hold onto my money until the game is finished. It's not even the first time a fighting game has shipped with a dearth of single player options (I'm looking at you, Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny), which strikes me as a worrying trend.

On the plus side (and there is a plus side to this post, honest!), Sega is currently giving away three games on Steam, including the surprisingly entertaining Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit, and I would recommend them all for the price of free-ninety-free. Yes, even Golden Axe. I'd suggest you, er, hop on this deal before it expires.


  1. Yeah, all you really get in Street Fighter V right now is a bare bones story mode with unlockable content (that you can't actually unlock until the shop opens) and a painfully limited online mode. It's clear it was rushed out the door for the hardcore players, before it was finished.

    No biggie for me, though. I was gonna wait for the roster to grow before I buy, anyway.

    From my experience with replaying Jet Set Radio on 360 the game's aged horribly gameplay-wise (JSRF is just so, so much better a game in retrospect), but for the price of nothing I'll definitely snatch it and the other games up. Even though my ancient laptop can't actually handle them...

    I seriously need to get a new computer someday.

    1. I'd recommend it. They don't come cheap, though. (Well, I was lucky enough to find one at a yard sale for $20, but it still took ~$150 of extra parts to get it up to spec.)

      But yeah, I ain't biting on Street Fighter V until Capcom FINISHES it. There's a perfectly good, perfectly complete version of Ultra Street Fighter IV available right now. I suspect that Street Fighter V won't be ready for prime time until a year from now at least.

    2. Well Ultra Street Fighter IV does have the advantage of being the culmination of years of updates. Even if players have latched onto SFV 'cuz it supposedly plays a whole lot better.

      Speaking of Street Fighter IV, despite the whole Super snafu requiring people to buy the game again instead of just updating like later updates, that game had a whole lot more stuff right out of the box than SFV, didn't it? It's like they were making a complete game instead of charging $60 for early access to an online matching service and a placeholder version of story mode with an "I.O.U. one Rest of Game" in the box.