Saturday, August 15, 2015

Quickly, Now!

My brain's been baking in the horrible Arizona heat so I'll make this quick. First, K-Mart (yes, that K-Mart) is selling a handful of games and systems for roughly half their retail price. You'll find more information about that at CheapAssGamer. Why K-Mart is selling these relatively new products when they no longer officially carry games in their stores is a mystery, but even if you can't find them there, you may be able to get a price match at participating stores. Problem is, some stores are less eager to participate than others. I've heard people have had the most luck getting their half-priced 3DS XLs and Playstation 4s from Target, although some Wal-Marts and Best Buys are willing to bend with some persuasion. Get 'em while you can... word on the street is that many stores are pulling their stock to keep from having to honor K-Mart's price.

Also, I've been terribly addicted to Disgaea over the past week. I'm playing the first game for the PSP/Vita right now and the only time I put it down is to give the system time to recharge. This strategy RPG set in the underworld is weird, loopy fun... you can not only throw your fellow fighters to help them cover more distance, but toss monsters into OTHER monsters to combine them, making the resulting creature more powerful but also shrinking the size of the opposing army. One neat feature is the Item World, which offers randomly generated battlefields lit with a rainbow of colors. Special "geo symbols" are scattered across the terrain, giving each of these colors a different attribute. Oh, but that ain't all, folks! Destroying a geo symbol when it's active destroys all squares of its color, and possibly the monsters that happen to be standing on them. Plan carefully and you could create a domino effect that clears the entire screen of squares, earning you bonus prizes. (Plus, it's just plain cool to watch the hot trail of death race across the playfield!)

Okay, that's it. Carry on with whatever you were doing.

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