Friday, July 3, 2015

Console Cryptids Caught on Film!

Pretty big news... someone found a prototype of the Super NES CD-ROM co-designed by Sony and posted it on the internet for the world to see. There have been skeptics questioning its legitimacy, but you can count me as one of the believers. It looks a little too dated in both the design and the yellowed bottom half of the case to be a hoax. Also, I'm amused by the buttload of Sony branding on the device. You wouldn't know Nintendo had anything to do with the machine, which explains why they ultimately decided not to release it.

So, you guys know how big a fan I am of Miiverse, right? Well, maybe not for long. Nintendo is planning an update to the social networking service which removes much of its flexibility. You'll no longer be able to post drawings in response to game screenshots or as part of ongoing discussions... they'll instead be restricted to their own area, like so many rowdy kids at a Thanksgiving dinner. Say you want to sketch out a simple map to guide someone through a tricky stage, or respond to a specific scene in a game with a snarky comic. Well, sucks to be you, because after the update, that ain't happenin'!

So Nintendo, bubbala, what's got you thinking this is a good idea? Okay, sure, you'll be able to better moderate Miiverse; maybe cut down on all those silly RPs the younger members are doing. What about us artists, though? Not only will our drawings lose important context without screenshots to accompany them, users may not see them at all because you also plan to give preferential treatment to the site's most popular members. You'll have to dig through a mountain of Five Nights at Freddy's drawings and tired anime to see pictures by the B-listers.

I'm gonna come right out and say it: this is a dick move, guys. Please reconsider.

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