Friday, February 6, 2015

Sure, why not? Hyper Fighting for the Virtual Boy

Homebrew game designers never let a silly thing like common sense get in the way of a project, and in that tradition comes Hyper Fighting, a loose conversion of Street Fighter II Turbo for the Virtual Boy. Some liberties were taken with the artwork, and the physics aren't as airtight as they were in Capcom's official games, but it's nevertheless an impressive effort. I don't think a Virtual Boy port of Street Fighter II was on anyone's wish list, but here it is anyway! Special thanks to VectrexRoli from the AtariAge forums for the (somewhat bewildering) news.

 On another note, Radio Shack has declared bankruptcy after decades of supplying the world's nerds with soldering irons and three-way switches. It's a bittersweet occasion... I haven't shopped much at the Shack lately, but when I was a child, the store was a wonderland of fascinating consumer electronics. I still own two of their pocket computers, which were laughably low-tech even for the time but still hold a place in my heart as my first all-purpose, all-access electronic devices, decades before the smartphones and tablets of today. Thanks for the memories, Radio Shack.


  1. Does this mean you own a Virtual Boy, Jess? Or are you just passing along interesting info in this case?

    1. I had one a loooong time ago, back in 2001 or thereabouts. It had one truly good game, Wario Land VB... the rest were skippable at best. I knew a guy who had a lot more games than my meager selection, including Jack Bros, a distant cousin of the Shin Megami Tensei series. (Alas, that's not great either.)