Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It Came from Miiverse II: The Verse-ening

Bad news, folks! My laptop took a header off my bed, breaking the hard drive and making it tougher to update this blog. Since I'm not going to be able to get a replacement until March, I'll have to get creative with this installment of Kiblitzing. How about some of the images I've uploaded to Miiverse over the past couple of months?


Sorry, you're getting them anyway!

I don't think I ever went into the full details of how I acquired my new 3DS XL, so let's start there. I'd heard on CheapAssGamer that Target was liquidating their stock of older game consoles for half their usual price, so I watched the nearest location like a hawk, using an online Lego toy tracker to keep tabs on their inventory. After careful planning and no small amount of luck, I rushed to Sierra Vista on New Year's Eve to claim my prize. I... may have been overly enthusiastic about my acquisition.

I don't think it would be an overreaction to claim that the larger 3DS makes using Miiverse a lot more fun, though.

Speaking of New Year's, something disturbing happened to me a day later at a local restaurant. Radio personality and cartoon stoner Casey Kasem was doing his usual Top Forty broadcast, which wouldn't be so odd if he hadn't died six months earlier.

Zoinks, indeed. Evidently it wasn't black magic that brought Kasem back from the dead, but the even more sinister force of broadcast syndication. Chances are, he'll be ringing in the new year even after the rest of us have shuffled off this mortal coil.

Off that subject, did you know there are archer fish in Natsume's platformer Yumi's Odd Odyssey? Because they introduced themselves to me pretty quickly.

At any rate, a magnificent aim.

People were pretty upset when they discovered that the smaller of the two New 3DS systems, with its stylish interchangeable face plates, wasn't coming to America. I imagine Nintendo president Satoru Iwata was lovin' every minute of their anguish.

I wouldn't get too worried, though. I mean, when has Nintendo NOT released a superfluous upgrade to one of their handhelds in the United States?

Worry not for Nikki, as her fate wasn't as dire as this sketch would suggest. According to Tiny Cartridge, she still makes cameo appearances in Japanese 3DS games. Hey, it's better than nothing!

As a general rule, I don't like YouTube celebrities. Mostly because I wasn't able to become one, but also because they get a little too full of themselves and put their considerable influence behind unsavory causes. Witness Boogie, aka "Francis," who bet on the wrong horse with that whole GamerGate mess. (Then ate it immediately afterward.)

(Bad Jess! No fat jokes!)
(Ow, ow! Sorry! Geez!)

Hey, I just figured out what that Bandai-Namco logo is supposed to be!

Look, I love A Link Between Worlds to pieces, but why would the aesthetically obsessed Yuga willingly choose to merge himself with a blue warthog? Are you familiar with the robot term "does not compute?" Geez, at least step up to the ruggedly handsome Ganondorf!

I probably posted this one before. I don't care; it's good enough to use again. It's the only upgrade you'll ever need!

I was feeling nostalgic when I posted this one. Remember the later seasons of The Super Mario Super Show when they replaced Captain Lou and Danny Wells with two cheesy 1990s stereotypes? Boy do I wish I could forget.

There are kids using Miiverse who weren't around to experience a Mario who doesn't sound like the Pillsbury Dough Boy sprinkled with oregano. Pity them.

One more reason to be glad that Nintendo isn't Microsoft.

This was posted on the Resident Evil: Revelations page, shortly after Rand Paul was making an eel of himself claiming that vaccines should be optional for parents. Because as we all know, libertarians think it's their right to do things that are both obnoxious and socially damaging as long as they're not personally affected.

There's no game alive that Tekken won't cross over with. Coming soon: Sanrio Surprises presents Hello Heihachi!

As you may already know, Nintendo is shutting down its Club Nintendo promotion after six years. The official Club Nintendo web site can't keep up with the flood of customers hoping to cash in their coins, resulting in error messages which assure them that the infamously greedy Wario will look after their virtual currency for them. Uh, maybe you should choose some other Nintendo star to handle their money. (Don't say Tingle.)

Okay, that's enough silliness for today. However, you can rest assured that this is not the last you'll see of my Miiverse drawings!


  1. Oh, man, I'm sorry to hear your laptop bit it, Jess. Or was it "just" the hard drive? Regardless, I hope you're back up and running shortly. As for your drawings here--they're as awesome as ever. I really envy your abilities in this area!

    1. You're too kind! My artwork's decent enough, I guess. There are lots of folks out there who are better, but I know enough about art to amuse myself, and hopefully the occasional bystander.

      Annnnyway, I think it's just the hard drive that's the problem. I won't know for sure until I replace it, though. Everything else seems to be running fine, but when the hard drive is cracked, your computer is pretty much out of commission until you get a new one.