Friday, September 5, 2014

Full Disclosure

Jenn Frank, a respected video game writer who was recently forced out of the business by the more fanatical members of the "GamerGate" movement, was kind enough to give some press to a Game Boy Advance version of GORF I'd written a few years ago. I welcomed the coverage and was deeply grateful for it.

Also, gamers have kind of been acting like a-holes lately, and I'd like to see that come to a screeching halt. Everyone's got different opinions and it's very easy to let your enthusiasm get the better of you, but the bullying and the doxxing and the death threats and the rape threats (!?!) have got to stop. Don't give me any of that "it's all been faked" crap, either. It's like claiming you haven't raided the cookie jar while brushing the crumbs out of your beard. Come on, people, you're better than this. (I hope.)

(image courtesy of Springfield Files)

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