Thursday, April 17, 2014

Leggo My Logo

We interrupt this extended hiatus for an important announcement. Atlus, the preferred game development house for hipsters with an unhealthy Japanese fixation, recently changed its logo. (Well, it happened a month ago, but I recently found out about it.) You may remember the original design looking something like this:

But shortly after the company's acquisition by Sega, its logo was dipped into a bubbling vat of 21st century minimalism, and came out looking like this:

Oh, the humanity! The Atlus logo has gone from sleek, dynamic, and imaginative to something you might find on a box of store brand laundry detergent. If you were worried that Sega's purchase of the company was going to suck all the personality out of Atlus, well, the new logo suggests that they've taken that first step in the journey toward Blandsville.

But hey, since we're talking about iconic corporate logos being shoved into the shareware font machine and coming out looking like last night's taco salad, let's try that with Sega's own calling card. Hey, they've been using it for thirty years now. It's about due for a revamp, right?

There, much better! No need to thank me, Sega. Just cut me a check and send me all those unsold copies of Panzer Dragoon Saga I know you've got hidden in a warehouse somewhere.


  1. You really get worked up about corporate branding, huh?

  2. I liked that old Atlus logo. I really did.