Monday, December 31, 2018

Another Year in the Bag

Well, that's it for 2018. Hard to believe the year went by so quickly, huh? I'm just disappointed that I wasn't able to make it to sixty-nine posts this year... it's become something of a peculiar tradition for this blog, and I wanted to keep it going, but alas. Maybe I'll have enough to talk about in 2019 to reach that magic number next year, eh?

Anyway. I'm not going to offer a detailed summary of what happened in 2018, since you were there too, but I did want to give you links to The Besties, my favorite articles published on the blog this year. A Twitter user asked people to list all the consoles they've ever owned along with a favorite game for each. I wanted to play along, but since 280 characters wasn't enough to do thirty-five years of gaming justice, I brought my experiences to Kiblitzing instead.

Besties, 1982-1992
Besties, 1993-1999
Besties, 2000-2004
Besties, 2005-2008

Jumping from gaming history to current events, there were a lot of titles released in 2018 threatening to empty my already thin wallet. Soul Calibur VI! Nier Automata! Fire Pro Wrestling World! Fighting EX Layer! Marvel's Spider-Man! Monster Hunter World! Monster Boy in the Cursed Kingdom! It hasn't all been a bowl of 100 point cherries... there have been no end of cheapy cheap plug and play consoles (including a rush job by Sony, of all companies), and Capcom's attempt to inject advertising into Street Fighter V was a facepalm moment worthy of four Star Trek captains. Overall though, I'd say the hobby has been pretty good to us this year. Here's hoping 2019 will treat us even better.

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