Wednesday, April 26, 2017


You'll forgive me if I'm a little saltier (even saltier?) than usual today. I ordered this from a retailer on Amazon, hoping to use my Saturn pad with my Playstation TV, and my recently acquired Hori Fighting Stick on anything but the Playstation 3.

What I purchased was a Mayflash controller adapter. What I got in the mail a week later was, uh, this.

It was an easy mistake to make, right? I mean, it's not like you can tell the difference between a baby stroller cover and a video game peripheral at a glance! Ugh.

To their credit, Bleech- er, Blinq- refunded my purchase and let me keep the thing I never asked for and didn't want in the first place. Maybe in a few years I'll be able to look back at this cruel cosmic joke and laugh. Right now, though, it's hard for me to appreciate the humor in this situation.

It's not just that it's a stone cold bitch to find one of these Mayflash adapters at a reasonable price. It's that the Playstation TV refuses to work with practically everything else. There was a list of wired controllers and adapters on Reddit which work properly with the PSTV... you could count them all on one hand, with one finger left to express your frustration with the micro console's extreme pickiness.

Adding to the frustration is the fact that while there are dozens of hacks available for both the Vita and PSTV, nobody's tried to broaden the latter system's compatibility with wired controllers. Sure, you can wirelessly connect a Wiimote, but that's not going to be much help in a game like Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX. What I need is a controller designed especially for the dozens of fighting games on the Playstation TV. Considering all that's happened in the past couple of weeks, I'm not confident I'll ever find one.

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