Thursday, April 14, 2016

Another Mouth to Feed

Sorry for the extended absence (again). Things have been kind of complicated lately, but now that I've got the trailer all to myself, I should be able to post more often.

Does anyone really stand their
systems up on end like that?
(image from Amazon)
So anyway! In an attempt to rebuild the gaming empire I had in Michigan, I purchased a slim Playstation 2 for twenty dollars. I didn't really need one, but emulation of the system is lacking and the Playstation 3 is only backward compatible with a handful of its games. Beyond all that... I kinda missed the little guy, y'know? Sure it rode on a wave of empty hype for the first year of its existence, and it chewed up and excreted my beloved Dreamcast in a matter of months, but it's got a whole lot of games, which have aged gracefully and are still reasonably priced. I'm looking forward to digging into its library again... even though most of the games in my own collection are thousands of miles away.

I'll keep you guys informed of my experience with the system... which hopefully won't involve any disk read errors. I'm not nostalgic for those at all.


  1. Hmmm, sorry to hear things have been "complicated," Jess. Hopefully everything's OK?

    Also, I certainly can't fault you for picking up a PS2 Slim. It's a great little system! And it has a great library of games, of course.

    Sadly, I haven't played any of my PS2 games in eons. No real reason why. Well, other than I find it a pain in the ass to pull the system out of its hiding place, plug it in, etc. Still, maybe I'll make the effort to do so soon, as it should be experienced on at least a semi-regular basis, IMO...

    1. Thanks for catching up on my posts! Seems you've been pretty busy! :D

      Yeah, the slimmy hasn't been getting much of a workout, since all my PS2 games are in MI and the ones I've got here include... uh, Karaoke Revolution Country Edition? Er, I think that belongs to my cousin.

      I wound up buying Sly Cooper at the library just to have something to test out, and I had to polish up the disc and clean the system's optical lens with rubbing alcohol just to get that running properly. Why was it at the library in the first place? Even they weren't sure.

    2. Wait, your library sells games? Or did you just check it out? Either way, strange!