Thursday, March 5, 2015

Smash & Grab: Super Smash Bros. for a Super Low Price!

News from the CAG front: an obscure department store called Fred Meyer (not to be confused with the former Thrifty Acres) is selling the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. and the latest two Pokemon games for twenty dollars each. In the extreme likelihood that you don't have a Fred Meyer nearby, you may be able to coax Best Buy or Toys 'R Us to match the price. It's not a guarantee, but they were willing to do it for me at a Best Buy in southern Arizona.

If I knew he was coming, I'd have
baked a (urinal) cake.
As for the game itself... well, you've probably heard the cliche "plays like a dream" in reviews before, but that's quite literally the case in Super Smash Bros. Everything about this title is so surreal and completely unlikely that you half expect to wake up in a cold sweat after you close the system. This is especially true in the Smash Run mode, which drops you into a massive gauntlet filled with thirty years of random video game enemies. You'll be swarmed by everything from Dig Dug's inflatable monsters to Metroid's creepy alien bugs to that spandex-clad polar bear from Ice Climber as you hunt for stat-boosting treasures... until time runs out and you're dropped into a climactic battle against three other Nintendo heroes. You will probably lose this fight, and you may not even know what the hell is going on as the arena fills with chaos, but you'll still be happy you came.

By the way, while I was at the Best Buy, I managed to snag one of those Amiibo figurines that's got everyone so excited. I'm usually not one for collecting random game-related trinkets, but who could resist owning their own tiny little Mega Man? (Even if his emotionally void face gives me the willies.)


  1. The final events in Smash Run are winnable, it's just a matter of grabbing as many stat boosts as you can. The defend/evade button will quickly become your best friend as you play more. Not that it helps much, considering the quantity of enemies you can end up fighting and how aggressive some of them can get.

    Basically be wary of anything that's way bigger than you 'cuz it can probably tank damage like a boss and smack you around like a ping pong ball.

    How far along are you on character unlocks, by the way?

    1. Zero percent. I opened the Wario panel but just couldn't beat him in a fight. I'll keep at it.

      Thanks for the response, by the way! Always hungry for feedback.